Southern Lines, Northern Lights

Southern Lines, Northern Lights

Ceri developed and curated the exhibition Southern Lines, Northern Lights for Ruthin Craft Centre and the Mission Gallery in Swansea. 

It featured design work by Drws y Coed (Hannah Wardle), Sian Elin, Freshwest (Marcus Beck and Simon Macro), Jessica Lloyd-Jones, Loglike (Jen Sandiford), Sian O’Doherty and Louise Tucker.

Southern Lines, Northern Lights opened at the Mission Gallery in November 2014 and at Ruthin Craft Centre in February 2015. 


Drws y Coed (Hannah Wardle)
Sian Elin
Freshwest (Marcus Beck and Simon Macro)
Jessica Lloyd-Jones
Loglike (Jen Sandiford)
Sian O’Doherty
Louise Tucker

Mission Gallery, Swansea
Ruthin Craft Centre

Images, top to bottom
Sian O'Doherty, Louise Tucker, Loglike

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