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For the 2017 Cardiff Dance Festival we project managed Interruption, an extended residency led by Basement 21 from Chennai in India.

Interruption took place as part of the UK India Year of Culture 2017. It saw four practitioners from Basement 21 working with practitioners and students from Wales. The project took place over a three week period, culminating in a day of events in Cardiff Central Market, The Atrium and Cardiff Central Library.

Interruption was created by Preethi Athreya, Padmini Chettur, KP Kannanur and Maarten Visser from India, with Lauren Heckler, Siriol Joyner and Joanna Young from Wales.

It involved Rosalind Hâf Brooks, Robbert van Hulzen, Ashley John Long, Belinda Neave, Beth Powlesland and students from the University of South Wales.


Interruption event page on Cardiff Dance Festival website
Painting score on Vimeo
Basement 21

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